Changing the Color of Brick On A Home

Changing the Color of Brick On A Home


Mismatches and color variations can happen on any material, and natural masonry, which is manufactured with materials mined from the earth, can also occasionally face the same problems.


There are no drawbacks or negatives with our process, and satisfied customers return to us again and again because they know we have a 100% success rate for more than a million square feet of all types of masonry and concrete projects.   Exact Match™ takes the stress, frustration, and losses of time, profit and reputation out of mismatched masonry, keeping deserving customers happy with the great quality materials they purchased and reassuring them of the excellent workmanship provided on their project.

Custom color, while not always available for other building materials, is always available on any porous masonry or concrete product in a completely maintenance free, sheer and natural way through our industry accepted process. Architects can design with beautiful, sustainable masonry and owners can know that all color limitations have been removed with Exact Match’s industry accepted process.