Fixing Clay Soil Stains and Pressure Washed Stone Veneer

Fixing Clay Soil Stains on Stone Veneer on Custom Home


This lovely new construction home was impacted by heavy rains and soil staining while the project was still in process. Once the landscaping was put in place, the homeowner was unsure how to remove the dark, red clay soil damage. A cleaning attempt was made by a professional, with very poor results. The stone color was damaged in some areas at the same time that the red soil was removed.


The homeowner contacted their stone manufacturer, who recommended us as the permanent and guaranteed solution to the problem. We corrected the stone color all around the base of the entire home to match the original range of colors. Exact Match provided guaranteed successful and maintenance-free results for fixing clay soil stains, and the stone looks just as it should for the happy, new owners to enjoy for entertaining outdoors and enjoying the sight of their home every time they pull into the driveway and spend time at home.