Changing the Color of Stone on a Home

changing color of stone


The homeowner was very satisfied with her beautiful new home, with one major exception: She wondered every day, “How do I go about changing the color of the stone on my home?” The stone was new, however, the light gray stones appeared faded or even uncolored next to the other colors in the expected range of stone colors. This caused even the correct colored stones to appear garish and too bright. The manufacturer offered warranty staining services for a flawless result.


She agreed, after she did research, she learned that tearing stone down is not advised for a color issue, as this can cause damage to surrounding surfaces. This could even lead to broken windows or future water damage at worst. She understood that tearing stone down is just not sensible or cost-effective when the issue is only color-related. Whether stone needs to be lightened, darkened, Exact Match works for the best-known and trusted stone manufacturers across the USA, and we correct stone color, fast and flawlessly!