Fixing Stone Colors - Kohl's Stone Project at Monroe Marketplace

fixing stone colors


When an international stone manufacturer brought us in for top-notch warranty service, asking us to darken 100% of the flat stones on this Kohl’s storefront under construction (in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania) in order to match them to the darker corners, Exact Match™ offered a more cost-effective solution.


Exact Match pioneered techniques to simply lighten the dark colored stone on the corners of the storefront flawlessly. Exact Match takes the stress, frustration, and embarrassment out of mismatched masonry, keeping customers happy with the materials they purchased and reassuring them of the high quality of both the materials and workmanship they received. Tearing stone down is never industry recommended for color issues, and could cause damage to surrounding areas in the process. Trust Exact Match Masonry Staining to know how to fix stone color problems permanently.