Darkening Natural Stone Color on A High-End Natural Stone Home

Changing the color of natural stone or staining natural stone, while preserving stone’s expected natural beauty and texture requires the high level of expertise that Exact Match Masonry Staining has, and the correct, sheer and breathable custom products we create just for staining stone. We’re often asked about our stone staining services: “Can natural stone be stained?” and “Can Limestone be stained?” Limestone stone is just one amazing example, however we work on all porous natural stone, even polished natural stone. Providing the stone is porous and will absorb our water based stains, your project may be a good candidate for staining. Our end results are beautiful, and as maintenance-free, breathtaking and yet breathable and natural looking as any natural stone should be. We solve the problem and keep the project moving forward again by fixing stone color, naturally.

  • Natural color variations become excessive requiring counterbalancing or evening out
  • Change in preference or needing a change in appearance
  • Change Orders causing quarry lot mismatches
  • Custom Requests, whether lighter or darker coloration is needed
  • Restoration of color after patching and repair or replacement
  • Visually renewing stone which cannot be cleaned aggressively to remove soil
  • Visually “aging” or “weathering” new stone for historic restoration or historic preservation
  • Correcting wash down mishaps, including wand marks or acid burns
  • Complete color transformations or special desired effects for branding

Our stains will never seal in moisture or cause maintenance issues: Expect breathtakingly beautiful and yet breathable results.