Custom 6 Color Process Completes A Stone Strong Tennessee Foothills Pattern Project for A Virginia Town

Custom 6 Color Process for Stone Strong Wall


The town needed a Tennessee Foothills Pattern Wall constructed, but also needed a guaranteed solution to complete the wall and make it just as beautiful as possible to blend in with the rest of the project site. Plain Concrete is Incomplete ™, and, just as expected, the wall was showing soil, discoloration from visible moisture, and general color inconsistencies which are typical for plain concrete walls.

Plain concrete blocks may vary in color from the beginning of the project to the end, and from one block to the next. This is to be expected for uncolored walls, even though produced by the very best wall systems and best manufacturers in the world.

Walls will become stained by the elements and soil, unless the walls are completed with our process. This is why Exact Match was called in to complete the wall with our stunning, natural color.


We designed an incredibly natural custom, 6 color process for completing the Stone Strong wall to match exactly to the stone which the site contractor provided us, taken as samples from a natural stone walkway being built elsewhere on the site. The natural stone sitting atop the completed sample wall is featured on the project gallery, handed to us that morning on site for our final source of color inspiration, since all color is flawlessly customized right on site for custom color work.

The beautiful Tennessee Foothills pattern pairs perfectly with a custom 6 color process, and the results on the wall are stunning up close and from a distance.  Because Plain Concrete Is Incomplete, Stone Strong walls, when completed with The Most Natural Colors on Earth ™ , offered exclusively by Exact Match, transform an otherwise plain, concrete wall, to The Look of Real Rock ™ . Any color you can show us, representing the native stone colors in your region of the USA, are available! Send us your photos of natural stone on your site, and ask us about custom color for your Stone Strong wall today.