Wellspan Ready Care Brick Renovation Project

Wellspan Ready Care Brick Renovation Project, Changing the Look of Brick

This Central Pennsylvania Urgent Care Center is located in a rented building which is a few decades old. The interior was remodeled and up-fitted for the new office, but the exterior remained the same dark brown brick original to the building when constructed. The hospital system with which it is affiliated has a used a locally manufactured brick for its newly constructed medical complex which is about 8 miles away. The architect’s goal was to renovate the Urgent Care building so that the branding was consistent with the new medical center. The hospital system also knew that a refreshed appearance would convey professionalism and enhance the level of trust to the patients using the building. We appreciate that the general contractor involved had worked with us before and told the architect that Exact Match has had 100% with many brick renovations. The owner of the building had also worked with us before and approved our proposal knowing that a 30 Year Long Warranty and no maintenance were very valuable. All agreed that changing the look of brick would work much better than actually changing out the brick with tearing down existing brick, which was in good condition, throwing it away and rebricking was unwise in comparison.

Exact Match used iPad retina to photograph the newly constructed building and our VP Operations set to work recreating the precise color and even created tools needed to mimic the color variations as an effect caused by the manufacturing process for the extruded brick.  With the sample panel done and an exact match created to the brand new building’s brick 8 miles away, the next step was scheduling our team.The building was already in use and patients needing urgent care were coming and going from the busy offices day and night. It was important that our process is non-invasive and that our environmentally friendly product has no odor and is very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) so that patients experiencing even respiratory symptoms were not affected by our work on the building. With a small sized team, we were able to keep tight quality control and schedule our work carefully around the entrance and patient parking areas and walkways without interfering with day to day business operations at all.

The process went so well that the decision was made to revamp an interior elevator shaft block cladding and have Exact Match recolor all of the interior block to match the main color of brick as well.