Maryland Home Stained Mortar Project

stained mortar


This beautiful custom home was impacted by some mortar color issues throughout the project. Repairs are seen as incomplete without masonry staining as the last step, and that’s why it’s a good idea to build the price of staining mortar right into a contract to avoid unmet expectations, and to prevent man hours wasted working to find a close enough shade of mortar, and waiting and hoping that a call back doesn’t happen when the mortar cures and does not match.


If the owner understands that staining mortar, our process, is the industry’s only true guarantee for an exact match for mortar, they can make the choice to take that extra finishing step, either before project closeout with their contractor, or at a later date when they are more prepared. Most clients choose to have it done immediately so that they can move forward, enjoying their home without further thought about a mismatch, knowing that their warranty is in full effect

Many times mortar color varies even with the best materials and most skilled masons. Exact Match™ is the industry’s recommended solution to quickly and permanently get an exact match for mortar color. The contractors and owners were very pleased with the results, especially that the stained mortar joints cannot even be picked out from the ones that were not stained.