Fixing Dark Mortar for a Custom Home

fixing dark mortar


This beautiful custom home was completed with thousands of bricks used on the interior as well as the exterior, and the results were simply amazing. Unfortunately, as the mortar dried out, the owner began to realize that some of the mortar color was much darker than expected, which was a cause for disappointment and frustration and call backs to the contractor and manufacturers of the products used. The contractor and mortar company were unable to help, because they had no process in place to resolve the issues, and they knew that repointing once again would be a risk to the beautiful brick, cause a mess inside the home which the family had already moved in to, and that washing down the repointed brick would be very difficult and possibly damage furnishings and floors on the inside of their lovely custom home. Out of options, the owner was displeased and concerned that he would not have the home of his dreams, as the problem affected many key living areas indoors as well as an entrance area out of doors.


When the owner finally found Exact Match, he was thrilled to know that he could have exactly what he wanted, that we could change the color of his mortarto a guaranteed exact match and in a non-invasive way. We worked quickly and quietly with our no-odor, water based product while the home was occupied with his family present, and resolve the issue permanently. The family was so pleased that we were able to help them put the problem behind them so that they could focus on enjoying their home.

Whether mortar color needs to be adjusted lighter or darker, or even if if  varies throughout the project, Exact Match can help. We have a 100% success rate for getting an exact match for mortar.