Brick and Mortar Repair Project

Brick and Mortar Repair


This 75 year old building began as a bowling alley and was adapted for re-use as a Christian worship center in the mid-1970s.  With an interior renovation underway, the leadership of the church realized that the exterior needed revamping as well.  Cleaning the masonry only removed a small percentage of the years of pollution and environmental stains. Repaired areas left mortar mismatch issues as well. Painting brick is greatly discouraged by the Brick Industry, causing maintenance problems and costs for as long as the building stands and.


By comparison, expert Exact Match™ staining with our maintenance free colorants provided the perfect option. With Exact Match Masonry Staining™ on the project, the church began receiving complements even before the work was completed.  Keeping the project on budget and on schedule, we transformed this building to the appearance of all new brick and mortar.