Bank Mortar & Brick Renovation Project

Centric Bank Mortar and Brick Renovation Project

Mortar and Brick Staining for Brick Building Rehab and Brick Color Transformation

A regional bank had just completed a newly constructed flagship headquarters done in beautiful new brick when they acquired and reused this dated looking red brick building for a satellite branch in a new market. The board decided to open the branch immediately and remodel the exterior while the building remained in use, with the goal being to enhance brand image by transforming the dated, reused bank branch in to a replica of the flagship office. Painting the brick would have ruined the appearance and added permanent maintenance costs. Tearing down and replacing all of the face brick weighed in at the highest possible cost and would have interfered with the flow of traffic at the new branch. Our proposal was the most cost effective, and also added maintenance free value and peace of mind with our 30 year color warranty. We transformed the building into an exact replica of both brick and mortar colors by our non-invasive process with our low odor, environmentally-friendly water based product. We carefully performed work on a schedule that enabled all drive through lanes and access doors to be unobstructed during business hours. Compliments and attention from the entire community have flowed steadily since.