Correcting Discolored Cast Stone

Correcting Discolored Cast Stone


When a homeowner had his amazing custom dream home completed, including Cast Stone accents, he was so very pleased. Unfortunately, over time, the homeowner noticed over time that discoloration had appeared. The homeowner found our company and was thrilled to know that the problem could be corrected permanently and as though there never was a problem in the first place.


Cast Stone is a premium building material, and as such, high quality products require precision and skill and just the right products. Exact Match has exclusive custom products designed specifically to work with such a dense, high quality material. Our product absorbs in to and integrates with the face of the Cast Stone itself and doesn’t change the texture, and provides a sheer, translucent color transformation. Exact Match is so skilled at correcting  the color that we can stain only the areas that need correction and match those back flawlessly to the surrounding correct color. We always take the most sensible, cost-effective process possible to achieve the best results possible.

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