COVID-19 Field Team Operations Pause Email Release 4-6-2020

Hello , we are all doing very well and I hope this finds you doing very well also! Winter weather has finally changed into spring in most of the USA and we’ve been looking forward to seeing you for the project .

Office Operations Running As Normal, Field Operations Update
Our office staff remains at your service and business operations are very busy due to our typical spring rush. All is truly well. Our update is with regard to our Field Operations only.

​Effective April 1, travel has been restricted/not recommended by government officials except only for the most necessary “life-sustaining” businesses. Along with construction firms in general, we necessarily must place our field schedule on a very temporary pause. We want to assure all clients on our current roster that our policies in place are unchanged, and your project remains in the same spot near the front of the line and will receive service very quickly once all restrictions are lifted or we determine that an exemption becomes available for our firm to release traveling to happen even sooner. We have projects from all regions of the USA coming to us that are falling in behind you in line even as the pause is happening, as construction offices nationwide are working or working by remote and submitting bid requests at a normal rate until the pause is over.

Next Steps
​Once we have word on the pause lifting, our staff here will reach out to you as quickly as possible to coordinate the arrival date for the work.

Updates On Our Firm
​We are extremely fortunate to be headquartered in a region that remains very peaceful and largely unaffected by the current events. Even so, in service to our fellow Americans, especially the most vulnerable populations, we watchfully accept the pause and remain alert for the first opportunity to come to you. Our Platinum and Gold Safety Award- winning field staff members are highly trained in safety protocols, they are extremely safety-minded, and have worked hard to maintain a flawless safety record year over year, which is a blessing we give thanks for, and we will continue to ensure that safety on the job and 100% success for your project results will be our focus, now more than ever.

​Reach out if you have any questions at all, we remain at your service! My direct line is below, my Receptionist Staff is available during business hours on weekdays, and our VP Field Operations, Matthew is copied here with his executive team and is available at 717-497-0365, however Ms. Moren Alfonso, our staff Architect /Project Coordinator and I will remain your point of contact most likely.

​We appreciate your business, and continued trust, as these are never taken for granted! Please stay well and we will see you soon!