Matching Color for a Two Phase Retaining Wall

Matching Color for a Two Phase Retaining Wall


This beautiful wall is owned by a municipality. The wall needed to be constructed in phases due to budget demands. In the past, before Exact Match, it was a challenge to guarantee that a second wall produced months or years later would be the same color as the previous wall. Now, an Exact Match is always possible, regardless of how much time has transpired between phases of construction. Owners can provide repeat business to their retaining wall manufacturer when budget dollars become available and order with confidence knowing that the color will be just what they envision.

The first wall was completed and custom colored by Exact Match to the owner’s great satisfaction. When the next wall was ready to be constructed, the municipality requested the same manufacturer, who in turn contacted Exact Match to provide a match to the previous wall. The owners were pleased with the end result of an exact match and seamless color from one wall to the other, and they are very pleased with the 30 Year Limited Warranty as well.

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