Staining Concrete Patio Project

Staining Concrete Patio Project


This family wanted a long-overdue, update, and wondered how to renew, including some poured concrete walls and how to change the color of their concrete building. As a referral introduced us, they approached Exact Match to learn more about staining concrete patios. While cleaning, when done gently, is not a bad idea, the truth is, cleaning can only remove so much discoloration without causing damage to the concrete, and from there it’s up to Exact Match™ to take it the rest of the way to a whole new look. Cleaning masonry is often not enough.


The process was fast and non-invasive, and the family was very glad to be able to use their pool and patio without much interruption at all. As an “extra mile” touch, the project manager stenciled the pool depths in a custom color on to the concrete before our custom 400 Series product was applied for the last step. The family has enjoyed their patio ever since. After the transformation, visitors believed that the family had torn out and replaced the older concrete to get the new look, it looks that good.

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