Fixing Retaining Wall Color That is Coming Off or Fading

Fixing Retaining Wall Color That is Coming Off or Fading

Retaining Wall Color Repair for Inferior Color Products

Inferior “stain”, paint, or other color products carry no guarantee of performance or true warranty at all, and have nothing in common with Exact Match’s highly developed, exclusive, “as-permanent” weather tested custom masonry staining system. As is very typical, an unknown color product was applied to this beautiful retaining wall, however the color quickly came back off in under one year, causing the owner stress, frustration, resulting in call backs, site visits and understandably, complaints, which took valuable time and energy for all of the good people involved.

Exact Match was called in as experts to permanently repair the retaining wall color with beautiful results. The now very pleased customer offered a repeat purchase from the retaining wall manufacturer when another wall was needed on the property. Where previously, the customer had no guarantee with their inferior color product, the customer now has the added assurance of a 30 Year Long Color Warranty backed by 50+ Year Weather Testing. Correctly colored, the wall looked like the high quality material expected, and the client reported: “There is no comparison with the quality improvement! We love it!”

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