Custom Stone Color Retaining Wall Project


Custom Stone Color Retaining Wall Project


This great looking rock-face patterned large format segmental retaining wall was ordered, and the owner decided that Exact Match’s custom color process would suit her needs, as she needed a custom result so beautiful and exceptional,  something that no one in their area had ever seen before. Challenges like this are a perfect for our company, as we work hard bringing our clients’ visions to reality.


The manufacturer immediately thought of us, and we prepared to provide the custom color once the wall was safely in place, washed and prepared for us. While we had a good, general idea of the color palette the owner wished for, we carefully worked with her on site, creating the sample panel with any adjustments or last minute changes to get just the look she wanted with the colors that she absolutely loves. The stunning results amaze all who visit their home, so much so that the owner decided to order another wall at their residence, which will be matched exactly to the original colors she chose when it is ready.

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