Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Satisfied clients all over the USA speak for themselves by returning as repeat clients, referring friends, neighbors, colleagues and clients to us, and with their kind words of praise. Much of our new business is generated by Word-of-Mouth from our happy clients. We appreciate each and every one of your testimonials and referrals and your continued trust and business. Submit your testimonials to us at and look for video testimonials on our site, coming soon!

…I apologize for taking so long to let you know what a great job Exact Match™ did on staining the stone on our house. Specifically, we were very impressed with Jennifer and Matthew, who were very professional, responsive and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend strongly enough to you to use this company only for your warranty work.

Laura Presley

Homeowner, Farragut, TN

It took the amazing talent of Exact Match Masonry Staining’s craftsmen to blend the new with old at Capital Self Storage’s East York facility in the former Coca-Cola bottling works building. Even now when I look back on the final photos, I need to review the “before” photos to determine what was original to the building and what was new construction made to look like it had been weathered for over 60 years. The project would not have been as successful without this finishing touch!

Danika R. S. Dallam, RA

Vice President, SAA Architects

It was a pleasure corresponding with you. Your team member that did the work was very responsive, right on time and did a great job re-staining our stone. Our house looks like it did when we first moved in! Thank you so much for a positive overall experience!

K. Heck

Homeowner, Powder Springs, GA

We are pleased with the work that was done. Matthew did an excellent job. He is a very courteous, patient, friendly, and professional guy. Before completion of the job, he asked if we were satisfied with the work he had done. My wife requested that he do a little more touch up on some of the colors. He took time to understand what she wanted done, and he did it. He made us feel that our job was important. More people like Matthew are needed in the workforce.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Word

Homeowners, Widener, AR

Thank you for an EXCELLENT job matching the bricks in the foyer at Temple Beth Israel. I’d recommend you to anyone who faced the same challenge we did. Super work – I appreciate all you did for us!

Lou Lavetan

Owner, Sparkle Wash

We still don’t know what happened during the cleaning, but the brick ended up with swirl marks everywhere. It was a nightmare! Exact Match™ put a priority rush on my job, worked with my insurance company and took care of the problem in less than a week after I called. It was all over and done with in less than a week!


Homeowner, Roanoke, VA

Why Are Our Customers Giving Such High Praise? A Quick Interview with our VP Operations, Matthew:

  • Exact Match Results
  • Caring and Professional Service with The Best Products
  • Thrilled Customers
  • Stress Removed
  • Can Move Forward Rather Than Revisiting The Problem
  • Invoices Paid on Time, Payments Released on Time
  • Repeat Business Earned
  • Referrals Earned
  • Limited Warranty Backed by Scientific Testing

“Clients I meet around the USA tell me the difference is our caring people, both in the office and on the field team. When people call us or meet with us, they pick up on the fact that we care: about them, about their home, their project, their reputation and their stress and the problem they are facing. We offer to take their problems on for them and turn a negative in to a very positive experience overall.

Sure, there was a problem, but if it is fixed by kind and helpful professional guy or a few of us working together, and they can’t see where it ever even was, and they get a 30 Year Color Warranty besides, they remember the good, the people who cared enough to send Exact Match to make sure they were happy.

The customer service experience we give people needs to be as good as the results. When people are already in a tough situation, it’s a breath of fresh air knowing we have their best interests in mind at all times, and they see they’re in expert hands, and they see with their own eyes that the problem is disappearing.”

“We consistently find that our skill level and techniques are unique. We wouldn’t accept anything less than an exact match for color, and that’s what we provide. It’s hard for people to understand how difficult this process is, and how much skill it takes, as well as perfect color acuity (being able to see color perfectly), although we do it every day and get it done very efficiently and cost-effectively for them. It is an extremely complex process and it must all be done by hand to keep the sheer, natural look of masonry.  We take the wrong color, and engineer a fix to take it to the right color, and overcome every challenge that comes up along the way as happens with a natural product. We create, adjust and apply the product with precision and care, because we put our 30 Year Warranty on it.”

“Our products are unlike anything on the market today, because they aren’t on the market, we developed them for our use alone. No, all products are not equal, and small differences in color and formulation make big differences for the end result.  We developed products that are breathable, sheer, natural looking and they integrate in to the masonry face itself.

One of my favorite things to do is R & D (research and development), working with our team of chemists when we have a new challenge to overcome or we want to push the boundaries to make a new product in our line to help our customers with a need. This stuff is not only field tested, but we punished it with the toughest lab testing in the masonry industry and the results in the lab are as amazing as what we see every day on the field.

There isn’t a better product anywhere, isn’t a product with better testing and performance, and I am happy that our clients get the benefit.”


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